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Former S.C. Education Director Terry Peterson scheduled to testify Monday

05/21/2004  Back

Former S.C. Education Director Terry Peterson is scheduled to testify Monday as the S.C. School Funding Trial resumes in Manning.

Peterson, who served under Gov. Richard Riley, is the final witness testifying on behalf of the plaintiff school districts who are challenging how South Carolina funds public education.

When Gov. Riley took over as federal secretary of education, Peterson served as his counselor and advised the Secretary and his senior staff on national education policy, funding and possible initiatives that would advance education.

Also, information on the S.C. School Funding Trial is now available at a new website, Produced by Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP, the website includes case history, photographs and testimony.

"We are pleased to provide this web-based information in an effort to respond to overwhelming and growing public interest in the plight of poor rural school children in South Carolina," Nelson Mullins attorney Steve Morrison said. "We hope to provide regular updates on the evidence and testimony from the lawsuit in Clarendon County and, most importantly, to provide a virtual gathering place for people who want help."

The website also features information on Briggs v. Elliott, the South Carolina case first filed in the late 1940s that would lead to Brown v. Board of Education.